The Simple System

For Generating More Leads, Better Leads,

From Your Existing Web Traffic

Akela Marketing Demand Insight

Leverage our Identity Resolution technology to realize an immediate 3X increase in qualified sales leads

Know specifically who is searching for what you sell, by name, and exactly how to get their attention

Own and control all your own 1st party data

How it works

Demand Insight 2.0 is the next generation of identity resolution.

It is not IP based identity resolution as that no longer works. Rather, it means identifying the specific user across devises, across email addresses. To do this you need an Identity Graph.

Our identity graph covers over 260,000,000 US consumers. This means we can identify the specific individual who comes to your website and exactly what content they consume.

Demand Insight 2.0 is the next generation of intent targeting. By combining the data in our identity graph with observable user actions from across the internet, we can build out the actual path to purchase that your prospects follow. The keywords they search. The websites they visit.

Then we deliver these leads to you daily. The people who are online now and actively in the market for what you sell. Plus the people who are on your website actively considering buying from you

What It Costs

Demand Insight starts at just $1,000 per month

Free 30-Day Trial

Month to month contract

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