How To Increase Sales By Leveraging

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

There are three major artificial intelligence engines that are driving todays marketing.

While using them is not hard, it does require understanding how to train the algorithms to work for your specific customer base.

Business is at an inflection point. Artificial Intelligence is allowing marketers to dramatically improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns to produce more leads, better prospects, and higher sales than ever before.

Companies in the Business to Consumer (B2C) space have been early adopters of A.I. marketing. Now Business to Business (B2B) companies are realizing that these same tools work great for them too.

Free training program

We have prepared a robust, free training course that will show you how all companies can use the three most popular A.I. algorithms to grow sales right now.

Including details on what it really costs to use these programs.

Training program will cover:

1 - Mapping the Buyer's Journey to your conversion algorithm

2 - How to target the people actively looking to buy what you sell

3 - The available InMarket data sets and how to use them

4 - How to target the people actively considering you

5 - The available Site Visitor data sets and how to use them

6 - Building digital campaigns that increase sales without increasing marketing costs

7 - How to get free insurance against your ad accounts being disabled by Facebook or Google

8 - How to guarantee your results

Social Media Management

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About The Author

Roel Hoekstra

"I've been working on sales and marketing campaigns for over 30 years. The strategies to develop a successful campaign remain remarkable constant: the ability to articulate the problem you solve, the results you deliver, why you are special, and what is the logical next step in the sales process. But the tools we have available to execute a winning strategy are again changing rapidly.

Artificial Intelligence is here. Marketers need to be able to leverage the technology in order to get their message to their ideal target customer at just the right time. Doing this generates huge returns. We see 10X increases in conversion and more.

Never has more power been in your hands than right now. I've written this Toolkit and produce our monthly A.I. Marketing Newsletter to keep you informed on how to generate better leads, spend less on marketing, and dive profitable revenue growth."

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