Increase Sales By Leveraging A.I. In Digital Marketing

Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence to generate better sales leads and close more ideal target customers

Artificial Intelligence is changing how companies design and execute successful digital marketing campaigns.

We can now leverage big data, identity resolution and machine learning to identify and target your ideal customers with laser like precision.

Our A.I. Driven Marketing Toolkit lays out the step-by-step approach to take when designing, implementing and optimizing digital campaigns that produce great results.

What's In The A.I. Marketing Toolkit?

What Pixels To Use And Why

A.I. starts with a pixel. Several pixels actually. From Facebook to Google to our own Akela Demand Insight Pixel, there are four key pixels that must be placed on every page / website.

The pixel is the data entry point for your custom artificial intelligence algorithm. Get it right and you open the door to better targeting and dramatically improved conversions.

Match Your Conversions To The Buyer's Journey

To bring the A.I. algorithm to life and produce the conversion you desire, you need to train the algorithm to learn the observable behaviors that indicate a person is a target prospect.

Putting the pixel on the page is step one, then matching the individual conversions to the customers buyers journey is what give the algorithm the muscle it needs to work for you.

Trust The Algorithm To Generate High Quality Web Traffic

The biggest mistake we see is not trusting the algorithm. These A.I. algorithms can sift through billions of data points every day and figure out exactly who should see what message when.

We look at how to prime the campaigns to get conversions right out of the gate and when to take the blinders off and let the algorithm run free.

Use A.I. To Nurture Leads Into Active Prospects

You've got a lead ... now what? How do you get that lead on the phone to talk with a salesperson or to hit "buy" in a shopping cart.

Studies have consistently shown that it takes at least eight touches before a lead is ready to buy.

Today A.I. can handle the bulk of the touch point follow-up to engage and qualify leads. Passing the best prospects to the sales team when they are ready to take an action.

Social Media Management

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About The Author

Roel Hoekstra

"I've been working on sales and marketing campaigns for over 30 years. The strategies to develop a successful campaign remain remarkable constant: the ability to articulate the problem you solve, the results you deliver, why you are special, and what is the logical next step in the sales process. But the tools we have available to execute a winning strategy are again changing rapidly.

Artificial Intelligence is here. Marketers need to be able to leverage the technology in order to get their message to their ideal target customer at just the right time. Doing this generates huge returns. We see 10X increases in conversion and more.

Never has more power been in your hands than right now. I've written this Toolkit and produce our monthly A.I. Marketing Newsletter to keep you informed on how to generate better leads, spend less on marketing, and dive profitable revenue growth."

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