Do You Know Who Is On Your Website Right Now?

By Name?

We Do!

70% of B2B buyers and 95% of B2C buyers will research your company and visit your website before ever reaching out to speak with a sales representative (Forrester Research, 2020). This means that your best prospects, the people who are actively considering a purchase of what you sell, are visiting your website right now.

But do you know who they are? By name? We do.

Our Site Visitor Identity Resolution technology turns anonymous website traffic into sales ready leads. It will tell you specifically who is on your website and the content they consume.

This is not an IP based identity resolution. That doesn’t work. Especially today with so many people working from home.

It is also not a 3rd party pixel. 3rd party pixels are going away. With the new IOS 14 update, even 3rd party pixels like Facebook are not working as well as in the past.

Rather, we have our own Identity Graph that covers over 250m US consumers. When someone visits your website, we go out to our identity graph and match your site visitor. Then we pass back to you all their information.

You get:

It's Your First Party Data

This is your direct first party data. You now have full access to this information for your website visitors. Whether they come to your site from paid advertising, organic search, or direct traffic.

Don’t settle for 2% to 5% opt-in rates. Get the full contact information passed directly to your CRM system and straight to your sales and marketing teams. You can now follow-up with your best prospects, the people actively considering buying from you right now, any way you want, including:

  • Send them an email
  • Pick up the phone and call them
  • Advertise to them directly on any platform including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Personalized TV and Radio, and many more
  • Connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Send them direct mail

If you and are looking to grow sales fast, our Site Visitor Match technology will fill your sales pipeline with qualified sales leads who are actively considering buying from you right now.

Guaranteed Results

Our team has devoted the past 5 years to building out this technology. The results are fantastic. We can match between 40% and 70% of your website traffic back to real people.

Implementation is simple. Just one line of code added to your website or Google Tag Manager and within hours, your sales pipeline will double or triple with sales ready leads. Your marketing team will have full control over your own first party data. You can be wherever your prospects are, online or offline, to maintain Top Of Mind Awareness.

Plans start as low as $695 per month. This is a month to month contract so no long-term commitments are required. Plus we back our technology with our 100% money back guarantee.

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What Our Clients Say

"From 400 leads to over 2,000 per month while accurately managing the marketing budget and providing weekly updates. Akela Partners is a true extension of our marketing team"

Matt Z. Marketing Manager, eLocal

"Three times the number of qualified sales leads within 30 days plus extensive sales and marketing training. We always have lots of ideas to implement after every update call with Akela Partners"

Michael H. VP Marketing, PTS Data Systems

"Our go-to source for how to leverage artificial intelligence to improve marketing performance"

Kimberly B. VP Marketing Strategy, American Portfolios

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