They GASPED when I said they were making the THREE killer Marketing Mistakes ... But You Should See Their Sales Results Now

If you want more sales, stop making these 3 killer marketing mistakes.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing how B2B companies generate leads, nurture prospects and onboard new clients. The tools today can help identify who is in the market right now for what you sell. Who is actively considering buying from you. And the most efficient way to get the perfect message in front of the best prospect at exactly the right time.

Almost all B2B companies are NOT doing a good job leveraging this technology. No, they are trying to use old school lead generation approaches in a digital world and are generally failing!

If you want to learn how to take advantage of these tools and do so quickly, this comprehensive training video The 3 Killer A.I. Marketing Mistakes B2B Companies Make will show you how. Step by step.

Stop Making Mistakes That Hurt Your Bottom Line

A.I. Is Not As Smart As You Think

See, while the goal is to take advantage of the incredible tools artificial intelligence puts at your disposal, so many businesses struggle to get it to work for them.

The reasons are often quite simple and boil down to the fact that while these artificial intelligence machines are super powerful, you have to teach them what to look for.

They're not particularly smart. No, they are just super strong. Think of it as brute force computing.

You already Have The Ingredients For Success

But moving from a traditional B2B marketing program to an A.I. powered B2B marketing system that fills your sales pipeline every day isn’t that complicated.

I would bet that you already have most of the ingredients you need on hand right now.

Your Sales Reps Will Love Ya

Why should you consider making the change to an A.I. driven marketing strategy?

Because your sales reps will love ya. Or more specifically, you will love your sales reps again.

No more:

  • Listening to them complain that they don't have any good leads
  • Chasing 50 bad leads in the hope that you might find one good one
  • Watching them make endless cold calls that produce nothing
  • Staring at the ceiling every night wondering where you will find more high quality leads
  • Complaining to your ad buyers that all the leads they produce SUCK.

Your Cure For The Toughest Lead Generation Problems

My name is Roel Hoekstra and I'm the President of Akela Partners. We are national leaders in the field of A.I. Powered Marketing.

I’ve been working with B2B lead generation strategies for over 30 years. From finance, to insurance, to consulting, to home goods to technology. I've generated billions in sales and led the move from traditional B2B sales strategies to A.I. powered B2B sales processes.

Over the last three years I've focused on how to leverage these incredible A.I. tools to generate tons of quality B2B sales leads for all kinds of businesses.

We call this the A.I. Powered Conversion Platform. The process is repeatable and the tools are inexpensive.

Now that’s a win/win.

Here are three quick examples

A national Brokerage firm was looking to recruit more experienced financial advisors. They were buying lists and sending out emails. The result was a handful of qualified leads every month that were passed to the recruiting team. When we implemented our A.I. Powered Conversion Platform, within one month we generated over 650 qualified sales leads.

A national Home Service company was trying to get more providers into their network. They were using traditional email and Google PPC campaigns. This was generating a consistent flow of 200 to 300 leads per month for the sales team to work. After implementing our A.I. Powered Conversion Platform, they jumped to over 1,500 qualified sales leads per month.

A local Construction company had a very traditional lead generation program. Sales reps calling on accounts. By phone, by email, and were just starting to dabble with Google PPC advertising. Within 3-weeks of implementing our A.I. Powered Conversion Platform they had over 200 qualified sales leads in the pipeline.

Stop Making Mistakes That Hurt Your Bottom Line

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